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Dachshund Christmas


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Wiendeer Santa Pin

These designer pieces are done by master artisans who enjoy designing art "that takes on a life of its own", as one artist puts it. This is very well demonstrated in all of these doxie jewelry pieces.

This pin's distinctive appearance, like the other jewelry in this line, is achieved by the old world art of enameling.

Each silver piece is expertly painted by hand using solutions containing colored granules of glass. They are then fired in a kiln to produce the beauty and richness of color.

Gift Boxed.

(Shown larger than actual size)

1 1/8" h X 2 1/4" w

Item number -1010246




Dachshund Nutcracker




Dachshund Nutcracker Ornament

These long awaited poly-resin nutcracker dachshunds are finally here to add a little whimsy to your holiday.

Standing 5" tall, these ornaments stand upon a disc that can be personalized with a paint pen or sharpie. Comes complete with cord for hanging. Available in Black/tan only only.

Item number -1010273






Santa Dachshund Stocking Holder

Black/tan on left - Red on right


Dachshund Christmas Stocking Holder

 These 'lifesize' miniature dachshund stocking holders combines whimsy and imagination with an accurate rendition of the dachshund.
Sculpted from hard resin and hand painted, the artist has captured the breed details of the dachshund. This was in part due to consultation with AKC judges, breeders and the study of the AKC written standards.
 The antique brass finished hook will hold a stocking full of goodies.
Measures: 6 1/2"H x 7"W
Weighs approximately two pounds.
 (Felt covered bottom to prevent scratches on your mantle)
Available in Black/tan or Red.
Item number -1010555
Out Of Stock


Dachshund Pair Glass Christmas Ornament/Suncatcher

Deck the halls or the tree with this dachshund glass ornament featuring a hand printed red and black/tan dachshund pair with 'Happy Howlidays' background.

They are 3.5 inches in diameter...proportions are accurately shown...and come with a gold ribbon for hanging.

Very nice!

Item number -1010414






Red Longhair Left- Chocolate /tan Left

Red Shorthair Left - Wirehair Right

Black/tan Shorthair

Dachshund Hand Painted Metal Ornaments

Mini coats and colors to choose from. These will look beautiful on your tree or a friends! Comes complete with a corresponding ribbon for hanging.

Size: 4" diameter

Note: Because each one is hand painted, there may be slight variations in color and markings. Each ornament is a unique piece of art.

Made in the USA

Item number -1010409

$9.95 each

Dachshund Style






Red on Left - Black/tan on Right

Dachshund with Corded Legs Ornament

These little poly-resin guys add a unique touch where ever you hang them! From their long stocking caps to the end of their dangly legs they are cute as can be.

They are available in black and tan dachshunds and measure appx 4.5" tall x 3.5" wide. May be personalized with a Sharpie.

Red Is Out Of Stock

Item number -1010279





Black/tan Longhair Dachshund In The Window Christmas Ornament

Black/tan Longhair Above

Black/tan Shorthair Below

Black/tan Shorthair Dachshund In The Window Christmas Ornament

Red Longhair Dachshund In The Window Christmas Ornament

Red Longhair Above

Red Shorthair Below

Red Shorthair Dachshund In The Window Christmas Ornament

Doxie in The Window Christmas Ornament

An old fashioned "tin" Doxie In The Window (with tree) Christmas ornament .

This beautifully painted metal ornament sits/hangs on your counter or on a Christmas tree.

 The little hard poly-resin hand-painted dachshund figurine gazes out through the window frame as if waiting for you to return.

Perfect 3-D effect!

Doxie measures: 1.5" H x 2" L

Overall ornament measures: 4.25" H x 2.75" W

Item number -1010554



Color and Coat



Click image for larger picture

Santa Dachshund Earrings

Casual jewelry that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. These fun earrings are individually handcrafted and etched from nickel silver, brass and copper, then hand painted.

Each colorful piece is designed with artistic detail and the ear wires are sterling silver.

The doxies measure about 3/4" by 1/4".

Made in The USA

Item number -1010283




Dachshund 5x7 Christmas Card

Dachshund (red) or (black and tan) 5" x 7" traditional doxie greeting card featuring the beautiful artwork of Tomoyo Pitcher. Sentiment inside card: 'Seasons Greetings'. Comes with envelope.

Item number -1010203

Specify 'Red' or 'Black and Tan'.

Red Is Out Of Stock

$2.95 each

Dachshund Color


or Set Of 6 for $12.95

Red Is Out Of Stock

Dachshund Colors


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