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Dachshund Gift Wrap , Giftbags and Gift Tags

Wiendeer Wrapping Paper

2 Large Sheets on Each Roll

(22" x 33 3/4" each)

Unique dachshund and fireplug pattern wrapping paper will add a special touch to all your packages this year!

Designed, printed and packaged in the USA on 100% recycled paper using soy inks.

Item number -1010331






Black/tan dachshund Giftwrap

Black/Tn Dachshund Gift Wrap

Two Sheets, each 20 x 28"(50.8 x 71 cm)

Beautiful original art printed on gift wrap paper. Sold in fine gift shops.

Matching gift tags sold separately.

(ribbon not included)

Please Note: Background color on paper is YELLOW not green as pictured. Design is the same.

Printed in the USA

Item number -1010579




Christmas Dachshund Gift Bag

Dachshund Cardigan Gift Bag

High quality large snowflake sparkle gift bag featuring a beautiful dachshund pup. Real pompoms on cap and gift card attached.

 Has corresponding organdy ribbon handles. Printed front and back

Item number -1010701

Measures: 11" x 5" x 14"




Dachshund Gift Wrapping Paper

Any Occasion Dachshund Print Sheet Giftwrap

For any gift - for anyone! Multiple color dachshunds on plum colored designer paper.

Dimensions: Approx. 20" x 27" Sheet

Item number -1010688




Small Dachshund Giftbag

Any Occasion Small Dachshund Print Gift Bag

Cute designer dachshund print gift bag with attached gift card. Ribbon closure.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.5" x 2.5"

Item number -1010687




Dachshund Giftbag

Colorful Dachshund Print Gift Bag

Printed on recycled heavy paper. Enforced cardboard bottom to stand or fold neatly. Printed both sides. Ribbon gift tie included

(Tissue paper not included)

Measures: 9" W x 3.5" D x 10.5" H

Item number -1010662




Dachshund Play Purse Gift Bag

Colorful Dachshund Print Gift Box Purse

Cute dachshund print gift box that can be used for gifts, treats, candies, etc..

5.125 W x 4.25" T by 2.5" D  printed on recycled boad, ribbon handle.

Item number -1010667




Dachshund Gift Tag

Black/Tn Dachshund Gift Tags

Matches designer paper sold separately. As shown.

2 x 4" (10 x 5 cm)

Made in the USA

Item number -1010580

 $1.00 each

Out Of Stock



Giftbag With Dachshunds

Dachshund Puppies Christmas Gift Bags

High quality large glossy gift bag featuring three adorable dachshund puppies on a white glittery background.

Has corresponding corded handles. Printed front and back

Item number - 1010607

Measures: 12.5" x 4.5" x 10"






Dachshund Gift Bags

Our gorgeous giftbags feature a collage of the different colors and coats of the dachshund. They are available in 2 sizes: the large bag is 11”high x 9”wide x 4”deep, the small bag is 8.5”high x 6” wide x 4”deep.

The bags have a shiny patent finish, contain a gift card, and are made of heavy duty paper; a beautiful way to present your gift.

Choose your size:

Item number - 1010322

Small 8.5”high x 6” wide x 4”deep - $1.95





Item number - 1010323

Large 11”high x 9”wide x 4”deep - $2.95




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