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Sterling Silver Dachshund Earrings

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Red Smooth Doxie Enameled Sterling Silver Earrings

These designer pieces are done by master artisans who enjoy designing art "'that takes on a life of its own", as one artist puts it. This is very well demonstrated in all of these doxie jewelry pieces.

The distinctive appearance of these earrings, like the other jewelry in this line, is achieved by the old world art of enameling.

Each silver piece is expertly painted by hand using solutions containing colored granules of glass. They are then fired in a kiln to produce the beauty and richness of color.

Gift Boxed.

Measures: 7/8" H x 3/4" W

Item number -1010235


Out Of Stock

Matching Pendant on 18" sterling silver chain

Gift Boxed.

Item number -1010236





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